SUN BAT YAM presents you with an unusual blend of five-star luxury hospitality and private residential real estate that is spectacularly situated in a rare, prime location.

This is a unique opportunity to ensure the exclusive family vacation of your dreams as you relax and unwind in style at your privately owned vacation suite. At all times, your suite will be maintained at the highest of international standards so that during your stay you will experience an upscale stylish blend of high-end design, fragrances, tastes and colors.

This one-of-a-kind project is situated along a beautiful virgin seashore, therefore, your exclusive hotel condo is by default, a most desirable, sought after piece of real estate.

In recent years, figures have shown a soaring exponential growth of luxury accommodation; market revenue and an occupancy rate of over 70%. The owner of the property will receive 25% of the hotel suite revenue calculated on a daily basis according to a unit ranking system. The luxury hotel is geared towards ensuring maximum occupancy throughout the full annual cycle. This shared common goal guarantees the most elaborate promotion, branding and packaging of the project to attract tourists and visitors from across the globe on a regular basis.

There no doubt that investment in property within a condo hotel complex of this kind is highly profitable. Needless to say that when investing in property of this nature, you are exempt from municipal/real estate tax payments and maintenance fees. As the owner of the deluxe suite, you can control the amount of revenue that you receive by strategically planning the dates of your occupancy. Should you wish to stay at your apartment during high season, you will be missing an opportunity to let your property at the highest possible rates. In any case, you have the full privilege of planning and controlling the level of profit your property can yield. Some investors will purchase the unit for its lucrative market potential, whilst others, will be buying into a world-class five-star resort experience that is inseparable from their private property.

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View floor plans of our luxury suites that are available for purchase as a part of one of the most innovative and impeccably-designed condo resort complex projects in Israel.

A Mediterranean vacation on a breath-taking virgin seashore, located right beneath a cutting-edge, five-star Resort complex, where you can replenish in your private luxury property, registered to you in the land registry.