SUN BAT YAM is strategically located to provide you with the highest level of luxury and convenience, so that you can make the most of your holiday experience in Israel.

Your private luxury suite is only a 15-minute drive from Ben Gurion National Airport and 45 minutes from Jerusalem. It is a quick 10-minute drive from Tel-Aviv, Israel’s hip and vibrant urban epicenter where you will experience a rich and diverse variety of leisure activities, culinary delights and Art & Culture centers of international caliber. Bat Yam’s breath-taking stretch of flawless beach is a sought-after and desirable location on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv.



A grand promenade is currently under construction. It will extend over a vast stretch of coastline, beginning in Rishon Lezion and reaching as far as Herzliya. The promenade will stretch along Bat Yam and will adorn the city with a fresh and stylish ambiance creating a vibrant dimension. This new upscale shoreline project lets you experience the warm soothing breeze and a sense of endless freedom as you bask on the golden sand or behold this spectacular view from your private balcony.

The unquestionably huge potential of Bat Yam’s Real Estate has not gone unnoticed by Israel’s leading entrepreneurs who initiated the surge of construction focused around luxury residential projects that have transformed Bat Yam into one of the most desirable coastal towns in Israel. This surge of construction is shifting Bat Yam’s demographics, bringing in a host of upscale professionals and developing a world-class quality and lifestyle to this environment. Bat Yam is rich with cafe’s, restaurants and impeccably maintained parks.


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    View floor plans of our immaculate luxury suites that are available for purchase as a part of one of the most innovative and impeccably-designed condo resort complex projects in Israel.

    A Mediterranean vacation on a breath-taking virgin seashore, located right beneath a cutting-edge, five-star Resort complex, where you can replenish in your private luxury property, registered to you in the land registry.