The SUN BAT YAM deluxe suites embody a fresh and sophisticated cutting-edge approach to contemporary hospitality and luxury life-style choices. With strikingly sleek modern interior design, precise and elegant in its unique color palette and a stunning view of the sea in all of its magnificence, the units are endowed with an elegant balcony, fully equipped with high-end appliances and amenities that are precisely integrated to complement the boutique furnishings of the interior space.

The project is offering different types of suites:

  • 37 square meter studios
  • Two room suites available in three different sizes: 52 square meters, 57.5 square meters and 61.5 square meters
  • Very large spacious suites (74 square meters) that include two separate en-suite bathrooms.

Floor plans for the suites available on floors 7-15 include:

6 studio suites and 4 two-room suites
The dimensions of the balconies vary in sizes and differ from suite to suite.
Each floor includes 6 elevators and a public secure shelter unit.

Floor plans for the suites available on floors 16-28 include:

3 exceptionally spacious luxury suites (74 square meters) and 4 two-room suites.

Without exception, all of the suites offer a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. All of the suites are fully-equipped to accommodate 3-6 guests.


The construction of the towers and the commercial area is completed. The expected date of occupancy is 2020. In the meantime, the commercial sector of the complex is up and running, infusing a dynamic, stylishly vibrant dimension to the environment.



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