Suites at Sun BAT YAM offer a cutting-edge and sophisticated experience -beautifully designed balconies, spectacular vyews of the open sea, a distinct architectural style reflected in a unique palette of colors, technical specifications of the highest level and meticulously chosen luxury furnishings that are perfectly integrated in the internal space of the suite.

Studio suite : 37 sqm.
Family suite in three sizes : 52sqm.,57.5sqm.,or 61.5 sqm. Large suite : 74 sqm: including two bathrooms.

Suites on floors 7 – 15 include:
6 studio suites and 4 two-bedroom suites. The balconies are of varying sizes, and differ from suite to suite. There are 6 elevators on every floor, as well as a reinforced security room.

Suites on floors 16 – 28 feature:
3 exceptionally large suites of 74 sqm. and 4 two-room suites. All suites offer spectacular sea-views and all can accommodate between three to six guests .

The construction of the buildings and the commercial floor is currently in progress. The estimated occupancy date is January 2019. The commercial floor will be operating by summer 2017 and will provide a dynamic, luxurious and stylish ambiance.



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